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Ficlet: Glasses (XMFC, Charles/Erik, PG)

Erik had many kinks, if you knew where to look. And Charles did, because observing Erik was second nature to him. It didn't escape his notice the way Erik's breath would hitch whenever Charles yawned and stretched, lifting his arms above his head. A quick peek confirmed that Erik's gaze would always be hovering over the thin slice of Charles' exposed stomach caused by his shirt riding up. Charles couldn't help letting his lips quirk up a little in triumph.

He put his new knowledge to use that very evening, bringing along a bottle of champagne to their nightly game of chess. Ensconced comfortably in his favourite armchair, Erik slowly straightened up as Charles entered the study, his eyebrows rising. "What's the occasion?"

"We don't need one to enjoy a bottle of Dom, my friend." Charles couldn't keep the smirk off his face as he popped the cork, startling Erik a little.

Erik still seemed a bit wary, even suspicious. "You didn't bring glasses?"

That was his cue, of course. At this point Charles whipped off his shirt, then lay down on the floor. Self-denial was useless for a telepath, because even if he could convince himself that he wasn't getting soft around the middle, he could hear the echoes of '
He's put on weight' in the minds of others. Still, Erik's thoughts seemed to run along a different frequency, one more finely tuned and much more pleasant, mostly 'All the more for me to hold onto'. Erik wasn't even bothering to hide the fact that he was now openly ogling Charles, running his tongue along his bottom lip as his gaze lingered over Charles' soft belly.

"I thought we'd try something different instead of glasses," Charles said, gesturing for Erik to come closer. He did, without a word, of course. Charles lifted the bottle of champagne, then hissed softly at the cold as he poured a few drops into his bellybutton. Erik's jaw was now hanging open, and Charles could hear the nearest metal object - which was the poker in the nearby fireplace - rattling in the grate.

"Drink?" Charles said with a knowing smile, and Erik returned it just before he bent down to lavish a trail of kisses down Charles' belly, taking his time to get to the champagne.

They didn't play chess that night.

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*fans self*

Oh Charles you naughty naughty boy! ;)
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Wonderfully hot, chubby!Charles is so cute! I loved it!

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So this turned out to be a kink I didnt know I had, uuuunf!

and charles watching erik watching charles \o/